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Creating exquisite spaces

At Studio Trio, creating exquisite spaces is what drives us, it’s what inspires us, it’s at the heart of everything we do. Because we believe a beautiful interior has the power to enrich, to invigorate, to elevate: To totally transform our everyday. 

Like our name suggests, we do things threefold:
We design. We source. We build.
From concept to completion.
Quite simply, we do it all – And we do it well.
Studio Trio is a ‘Turn Key’ solution.

We’re passionate about crafting well-edited, practical and timeless interiors, where every single detail is considered, and nothing is left to chance. In fact, we only enlist our handpicked team of artisans to ensure your space accurately reflects your wants, your needs, your dreams (And your budget too).
Because when it comes down to it We humans spend so many minutes, hours, days, working, playing, existing, within the same four walls – Why shouldn’t these humble square metres be aligned with our personalities and all our idiosyncrasies?
Let us craft your personal space to total perfection so it’s nothing short of inspiring, and utterly exquisite too.

Three tiers involved in completing our projects

Concept Design

At Studio Trio we are a team of creative professionals ready to create something special for each client that truly reflects you, your sense of style and your budget. We offer a full design service which creates a stress free process from selection of all hard finishes internally or externally for your home or commercial project. This process involves careful selections of paint, lighting, timber profiles, cornices, joinery profiles, benchtops, tiles, door profiles, door hardware, ceiling detail, stair detail, roof materials, fireplaces, bathroom ware, tapware, flooring and much more. We offer full CAD documentation services to take your project right through to construction and fit out stage. We manage the project fully so are team are with you every step of the way.


Our team is fully equipped with the latest on design trends and we source products from not just Australia but Globally also. Our approach is to source the right products and materials to suit your need and desires. Once the brief is met we hunt for the best products and our team manages the entire process for you. Everything from tiles, taps or beautiful international fabrics, we ensure the right pieces are selected for your project. We also create one off bespoke pieces should a client want something truly unique for his or her home or source locally within Australia for that comfy sofa you can try. We can French polish a lovely old chair and recover something to make it look like new or advise on the right type of curtain to add to a room. Sourcing is where all the magic happens.


We manage the entire procurement of all our projects to complete a smooth process for your Interior Design or Interior Decoration project. Studio Trio is with you every step of the way. We have 22 years experience in the industry, we know what works, what suits,  what meets budget requirements and how to facilitate this perfectly from concept to completion. We are your one contact from start to finish.

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Three styles we specialise in our interior design

Modern Interiors

Studio Trio is inspired to create Modern Interiors and our team are up to date with all the latest trends and architectural finishes. We enjoy selecting hard materials, great lighting, the right joinery profiles, hard wearing surfaces that are practical and suitable for clients with children or pets. Our team enjoys creating that edge to push the modern design boundaries. We love finding those great pieces of furniture.

Bespoke Interiors

Studio Trio prides itself on delivering a Bespoke Interior that is sympathetic to your architecture or your sense of style. We can create something special that no one else has, something that defines your design passion. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary or an Interior that has that point of difference, is in essence of a certain era, please speak with us about turning your dream into reality.

Classic Interiors

Studio Trio is passionate about creating Classic interior design spaces – We have worked on many classic homes and heritage homes within Sydney. We have the ability to enhance the home with the right finishes and selections, salvaging original pieces, restoring the home with the right architectural selections, bringing the home up to today’s standards and beautifying it with interior decoration.

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