Concord Classic

  • In the heart of Concord, Sydney, our discerning clients sought to craft a masterpiece from their existing 2000’s home. We meticulously reimagined interiors, optimising each space to meet their aspirations, from a repositioned kitchen overlooking the backyard, to the addition of a bar, a charming powder room, and a scullery adorned with platter racks. Beyond the interiors, the exterior received a rejuvenating touch, with the introduction of a delightful cabana and an expanded internal living space. Sandstone rock cladding graced the pool and garden walls, while glass balustrades added a touch of modernity. After nine months of meticulous transformation, every facet of the home was adorned with our signature decorating finesse, breathing new life into each space.
  • Classic and Timeless with everything practical
  • Full Interior Design and Decoration. CAD Documentation, Procurement and Management
  • Maree Homer
  • Kayla Gex and Parvane from P Styling
Unexpected turns and a seamlessly connected narrative and endearing classic style, capture exquisite moments throughout this sumptuous and inviting home. Reimagined and redesigned for life and lifestyle, our Concord Classic shines with a timeless allure.