• Distinguished clients Chris and Maria, already esteemed patrons of Studio Trio, embarked on a deeply personal project—a complete transformation of their 1990s residence. This endeavour was not just for them but also for their cherished family, consisting of four lively boys and their beloved Cavalier King Charles, Lily. The overarching vision was a contemporary haven, exuding timeless elegance while punctuated with playful bursts of colour throughout the living spaces. Pink, in particular, took centre stage, perhaps as a gentle nod to balance the household's gender dynamics—five boys versus two girls (including Lily, of course). However, beyond the aesthetic charm, every design choice was driven by practicality and a focus on low maintenance. This was a conscious decision, rooted in the awareness of a bustling family life that thrived within these walls. As such, the finishes and selections were meticulously curated to withstand the rigours of daily use and enhance the family's lifestyle.
  • Edgy modern with lots of colour
  • Full CAD Documentation, Specification, Project Management to fit out and Interior Decoration
  • Maree Homer
  • Jackie Brown
Embodying the dreams of a dynamic family, every corner speaks to meticulous design, where form and function unite in harmony, offering a haven of comfort and sophistication amidst a busy lifestyle.