Cremorne Treehouse

  • Long-standing patrons of Studio Trio, Oliver and Chris, acquired this 1968 residence a decade ago, initially undertaking a modest renovation. As their family blossomed from one child to three, an expansion beckoned. Opting to elevate their dwelling, an architect was enlisted to secure development approval. Subsequently, Studio Trio was commissioned to orchestrate a comprehensive overhaul, both inside and out, unleashing the property's full 1968 potential. A labyrinthine layout, marked by angled walls and captivating spaces, spurred a creative redesign, optimising every nook. Materials and hues harked back to the '60s while embracing a contemporary twist. For this high-achieving doctor duo, the infusion of colour and vivacity welcomes them home each day.
  • Major renovation in fun 60's style
  • Full CAD Documentation, Specification, Project Management to Procurement, Interior fit out and Interior Decoration.
  • Maree Homer
  • Jackie Brown
Ascending into the treehouse, the playful embrace of primary colours ushers you home. Amidst nature's canopy, they dance with whimsy, inviting laughter and joy, beckoning a bask in the enchantment of a sky-high retreat.