Glass House Northbridge

  • Nestled in Northbridge, Sydney, Paul and Sheridan embarked on a transformative journey with their early 2000s modern abode. Blessed with abundant natural light and expansive glass vistas, their vision was clear: to infuse the entire home with opulent sophistication while preserving its bright, airy serenity. The project encompassed a comprehensive renovation, giving life to a new kitchen, laundry, lounge room, TV room, powder room, and more. A harmonious blend of upmarket finishes, serene colour palettes, and an infusion of light radiated throughout the space.Studio Trio, in collaboration with a chosen builder, meticulously crafted the grand design, selecting premium materials, detailing every aspect, and adorning the interiors with elegance, culminating in a modern masterpiece that mirrored the luminosity of its natural surroundings.
  • Full interior renovation
  • Full CAD Documentation, Specification, Project Management and interior decoration
  • Maree Homer
  • Jackie Brown
In the captivating story of a 2000s home undergoing a transformation, the hero was the abundant natural light that graced every room. Like a radiant muse, it painted the house with an ethereal glow, beautifully showcasing luxury interior elements and infusing each space with an enchanting luminosity.