Northbridge Bungalow

  • Nestled in Northbridge, Sydney, an original Californian Bungalow embarked on a transformative journey, tailor-made for two bustling lawyers and their young children. The objective was clear: a contemporary interior infused with cutting-edge design trends. Chevron floors, elegant wall panelling, exquisite lighting, and opulent black and rose gold bathroom fittings danced harmoniously with timeless tile selections. A canvas of fresh whites and timber detailing added a dash of glamour to the equation. Andrew and Kate sought distinct focal points, from captivating wallpaper to a banquet-style kitchen, a charming powder room, an inviting bar for soirées, and a kitchen adorned with the allure of New York Marble. Amidst the contrasting colour palette, delicate hints of pink bestowed a touch of femininity upon the resolute interior architecture.
  • A major renovation
  • Full CAD Documentation and Specification to interior fit out
  • Maree Homer
  • Jackie Brown
Within this family home's elegant embrace, cutting-edge glamour unfolded. Subtle accents of New York Marble graced the interiors, while the delicate blush of pink added a note of sophistication. Creating a symphony, where refined allure and luxurious details dance in perfect harmony.