Northbridge Remodel

  • Mitch and Alicia, recent buyers of an early 2000s residence, sought to rejuvenate their space, focusing on the kitchen, BBQ area, laundry, and bathrooms. The home's existing beige palette served as a canvas for transformation. Studio Trio's approach was to enhance the home's inherent charm by introducing a monochromatic interior with earthy textures, oak, Western Red Cedar timbers, and limestone. These elements seamlessly intertwined tradition and modernity, with thoughtful black accents adding contemporary flair. While the home's architecture leaned towards modernity, Studio Trio incorporated classic touches into the joinery profile. Every design decision prioritised both style and practicality, catering to the needs of this family of five.
  • Full interior renovation plus verandah
  • Full CAD Documentation, Specification, Project Management
  • Maree Homer
  • Jackie Brown
Earthy textures, the warmth of oak, the rustic elegance of Western Red Cedar timbers and the allure of limestone intertwine with bold strokes of black bringing a classic twist to this modern redesign. Crafting an enduring masterpiece of sophisticated contrast and texture.