Coogee Art Deco

  • In the heart of Coogee, a treasure trove of Art Deco elegance awaited revival—a 1930s apartment brimming with history and promise. The task was to honour the bygone era's glamour, innovation, and sleek aesthetics while breathing modern life into the spaces. Studio Trio embarked on a journey to reinstate the bathroom to its classic 1930s grandeur, adorning it with a claw-foot bath, exquisite reproduction tiles, and meticulously restored leadlight windows. In the kitchen, soft curves reminiscent of the era blended seamlessly with the timeless combination of black and pale green. Yet, the true magic lay in the restoration of the original kitchen's Art Deco leadlight panels, weaving the craftsmanship of yesteryears into the fabric of modernity—a testament to the enduring allure of timeless design.
  • Retain an art deco heritage charm to a new kitchen and bathroom
  • Full CAD Documentation, Renovation, Project management.
  • Maree Homer
  • Lauren Mahoney & Taylor Van De Wint
In the meticulous renovation of a 1940s Art Deco home, we masterfully blended modernity with a reverent nod to the era's timeless elegance. Every corner bore the mark of thoughtful consideration, resulting in a harmonious synthesis of past and present, a testament to enduring design.