Eastwood Arts & Craft

  • This beautiful historic home 'Hetherwold' Circa 1907, designed by Architect George W Hetherwold is rich in aesthetic appearance of the Federation Arts and Craft style. Studio Trio embarked on a transformative journey alongside heritage architect David White, meticulously crafting a dwelling and having a hand in exterior and interior colours and full interior decoration. The clients sought to honour tradition while imbuing the residence with contemporary vibrancy. Our task was to infuse youth into timeless heritage, rendering opulent spaces that cocooned a family's love. Pastels of gentle greens, soft blues, warm greys, blush pinks, and crisp whites danced upon a canvas that celebrated the architectural splendour. Original heritage elements were embraced, while modernity brushed every detail. 'Hetherwold' was not merely restored; it was reimagined, harmoniously bridging the past and the present.
  • Classic Heritage Interior Design and Decoration
  • Full Interior CAD Documentation, Specification, Interior design, Decoration, Procurement and Project management
  • Maree Homer
  • Kate Nixon
'Hetherwold,' a magnificent gem frozen in time. Crafted in 1907 by the visionary Architect George W Hetherwold, this dwelling is a living canvas, painting the essence of the Federation Arts and Crafts style in enduring strokes of beauty, casting an enchanting spell over its surroundings.