As a high-end luxury interior design service, we specialise in contemporary, heritage and classic interior design, creating unique environments that enhance our clients’ homes and elevates the way they live.

Through a highly personalised approach, we offer a full interior design service from concept to completion, designing all details within interior environments. Bringing artisans and craftsmen together we create bespoke pieces and intricate finishes, features and furnishings with every space reflecting a luxurious aesthetic that connects back to our client’s unique lives and style.


Integrating progressive interior design styling, Studio Trio's contemporary approach to interior aesthetics boldly pushes boundaries whilst creating sleek environments with unexpected nuances that reflect their client's personalities. Adding luxurious finishing details within each space, our contemporary interior aesthetic exudes a refined balance with unexpected sophistication.



Studio Trio distinguishes itself through a dedicated embrace of heritage home design. With a profound respect for architectural legacy, they intricately weave historic charm into their heritage projects. Meticulously preserving the essence of heritage homes, Studio Trio crafts spaces that resonate with the rich history, capturing the elegance of a bygone era.



With a love for classic environment, Studio Trio has gained a reputation for delivering timeless designs in classic homes and heritage homes across Australia. With unique style that celebrates colour, rich textures and exquisite detailing our classic interior design approach evokes an old-world charm with enhanced comfort and a storied elegance.


Innately authentic approach to design

Passionate about visually translating our clients wants and desires into beautiful and connected environments, we immerse ourselves in every project. Led by directors Lauren and Steven, our team seeks to understand the details about how clients live and the differences we can make when transforming their space.

Through a commitment to excellence we deliver outstanding results, incorporating nuances specific to every family with unexpected details that add joy.