studio trio

Coogee Art Deco

Coogee Art Deco Apartment 1930s

This original 1930’s Art Deco apartment in Coogee was a renovators delight. The original bathroom was still intact and partial kitchen with original leadlight. We were asked to design a new kitchen and bathroom in existing spaces to replace areas that were falling apart over time. The brief was to be pay homage to the Art Deco period, a period that truly reflected glamour, modern technology, smooth lines and streamlined forms. 

This was a small space project to be brought into the 21st century in which every nook and cranky was thought of. Studio Trio reinstated the bathroom to reflect the classic 1930’s, a claw foot bath was used, beautiful reproduction tiles, leadlight windows fixed and bathroom accessories all carefully considered. The kitchen was designed with soft curves a huge part of the 1930’s architecture and design, the use of Black and Pale Green, both colours hugely popular of that period. A timber shelf was designed above the sink to house our client Carolyn’s love of Orchid’s while still capturing the sun so they thrive. 

The best bit was carefully removing the original kitchen’s Art Deco leadlight panels, having some pieces restored and being able to reuse these into cabinetry. That sort of craftsmanship is unique and this was the inspiration to our design.

Work Completed: Full CAD Documentation, Renovation, Project management 

Photographer: Maree Homer
Stylists: Lauren Mahoney and Taylor Van De Wint